Gift Ideas for Mom This Mother's Day 2017 - Sparkling Jewelry!

Gift Ideas for Mom This Mother's Day 2017 - Sparkling Jewelry!

Posted by Barsky Team on Apr 3rd 2017

Mother’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated throughout the world and throughout the year. Much of Europe celebrates in the spring, from February all the way to June. Asia, Africa, and South America have days to appreciate mothers across the summer and fall.

In the U.S., mid-May is when we celebrate our moms. This year, the Sunday dedicated to mom is on May 14th.

There are as many different kinds of moms as their are world-wide holidays to honor them. From unique to comforting to classic, a gift for Mother’s Day should reflect the exceptional woman she is.

And while mom is always happy with a card, some flowers, or even a piece of art made with macaroni and finger paint, why not show her how much you love her this year with a gift of jewelry?

Just for Mom

The one things that is true about moms is they are each unique. No two mothers think the same, talk the same, or mother the same. Truly special moms should get jewelry that is as personal and individual to them as they are to their children.

For a gift as individual as she is, there is the silver center chain bracelet. On its own this bracelet is special, with a simple beauty. But have the center charm engraved and the piece becomes an item that is hers alone.

Wishes and Kisses

Moms are always there to listen to what we hope for, and remind us that all of our dreams can come true. And she does everything she can to help us get there.

She’s also there when things go wrong. A bump on the head, a scrape on the knee, a finger with a splinter - Mom is always there to bandage us up and kiss our wounds.

That makes the Three Wishes and A Kiss pendant the perfect gift. The pendant features a sparkling diamond accent in the interlocked sterling silver rings. With options for silver tone or tri-colored, the pendant is ideal for any mom.

A Classic Gift for Mother’s Day

Some moms are both modern and a classic. She is poised whether in the midst of a birthday party full of 5 year olds or overseeing a company meeting. She can bake a cake, then go outside and throw the ball around. She’s versatile, charming and lovely. And she can rock a Little Black Dress.

This mom deserves a classic, with a twist, like a bezel set round brilliant cut diamond stud earrings. By customizing this unique take on a jewelry staple, you can make it fit mom to a T, no matter if she prefers white or yellow gold, and add a diamond that is just the right size and quality.

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