Barsky Diamonds Announces the Re-Acquisition of Fredric Landsberg

Mar 13th 2020

We're happy to announce that Fredric Landsberg has returned to Barsky Diamonds staff. Fredric, a Third Generation Jeweler, is a consummate professional, who is one of the few people to become desig … read more

Navigating Engagement Ring Styles: Sizes, Shapes & Settings

Posted by Nate Barsky on May 11th 2018

Once you know what qualities to look for in a diamond, your next step is choosing from engagement ring styles. This includes the diamond size and shape, as well as the engagement band setting. … read more

How to Choose Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted by Nate Barsky on May 11th 2018

When it comes to choosing your diamond engagement ring, the possibilities are endless. The process to finding the perfect engagement ring can be daunting. You’ve probably heard about clarity, grade … read more

Understanding the Four C’s of Diamonds

Posted by Nate Barsky on May 11th 2018

When grading diamonds, the jewelry industry uses criteria often referred to as the four C’s of diamonds. The C’s stand for:Cut Clarity Color Carat weight A fifth “C” to consider is “certificate,” … read more

Diamonds and Glamour – The Famous Jewelry of Classic Stars

Aug 4th 2017

Think of Hollywood and the stars there, and thoughts of glamor and glitz aren’t far behind. Every premier and party is graced with stars dripping in designer clothing and jewelry.As lovely as the gems … read more

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